Part of the founding team of the first digital clinic for women transforming the consumer healthcare experience. Launched initial consumer iOs app and desktop product with go-to-market strategies including word of mouth, events, pr, user testing, growth hacking, email marketing, giveaway marketing, brand ambassadors, partnerships, street team, paid.

Projects Include:

  • Building user list to over 300k via giveaway partnerships, which account for over 20% of monthly growth.
  • Strategy and execution of paid Brand Ambassador program that accounted for 10% of early growth.
  • Logistics and execution of branded welcome boxes for consumer and enterprise to increase engagement and brand equity.



Part of the founding TEDx team. Scaled global event program from 800 events to over 9000 in 156 countries through online and in-person events and trainings, strategic relationships, toolkits, codifying platform innovations, and strategic internal communications strategy. Built out the brand voice across platforms.

Projects Include:

  • Lead and plan global workshops training TEDx event organizers in TED brand.
  • Building global-focused toolkit around rules around social, sineage, program and more to execute the TED brand cohesively at events.


Brought a brick-and-mortar jewelry company into the digital world through website development, social media set-up, digital pr, seo, analytics, and events.